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Feds take aim at high meat costs, but for the long range

The USDA has started funding the startup of more processors in hopes of curbing prices through competition. The program is one of several revealed by the White House with implications for restaurants.


Dairy Queen franchisee fined $42K for teen-hour violations

The U.S. Department of Labor charged Indiana-based H&H Coldwater with 102 infractions of the limits for 14- and 15-year-olds.

The industry's Hail Mary is using the 2024 ballot to enlist voters in the cause. Meanwhile, nine states are emerging as future battlegrounds.

Enforcement will be halted until a court challenge is decided, marking at least a temporary victory for duck farmers and fine-dining restaurants.

Working Lunch: Fat Brands' Andy Wiederhorn and the National Restaurant Association’s Michelle Korsmo team up on the podcast to dissect the industry’s key issues.

But the tutorial focuses on how to keep the process amicable and progressing, not how to thwart it.

The NLRB has redefined "joint employer" to apply even when franchisors haven't influenced licensees' policies.

The measure will give workers an unprecedented say in setting pay rates at quick-service chains. The National Restaurant Association has said other states are likely to follow.

Their trade group says the lifesavers are necessary to combat a spike in opioid overdoses.

Customers can now pack heat while dining so long as the restaurant posts permission to do so and doesn't serve alcohol.

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