New York restaurants take aim at reservations pirates

The state's restaurant association has joined forces with lawmakers in hopes of preventing third parties from scarfing up reservations and reselling them, with none of the proceeds going to the restaurants.


Explaining the charges against Fat Brands Chairman Andy Wiederhorn

The creator of the owner of Twin Peaks, Fazoli’s, Fatburger and other chains was charged in a $47 million false loan scheme and sued by the SEC for misusing company funds. Here’s what we know.

The trade group is calling for changes in disclosure rules before people buy a franchise. It comes as federal regulators examine rules for franchise companies.

Reality Check: The state attorney general had refused to clarify the scope of the state's pending anti-junk-fee law. It's one more smack in the face to the trade.

The prohibition takes effect July 1. Delivery fees would still be allowed, and automatic gratuities tacked onto the tabs of large parties would also be permitted at least initially.

The president declined to sign off on a bill that would have scuttled an effort to make franchisors jointly liable for their franchisees’ workers, sending the issue back to Congress.

Working Lunch: The Biden administration doesn't get that those aren't true "junk fees."

The state's nearly $400 billion budget also obliges restaurants and other employers to provide paid half-hour breaks for nursing mothers.

Reality Check: The FTC wants the business to change several longstanding operating conventions. Has it heard why that's a bad idea?

Items with high sugar content will need to be flagged, but only if they're exactly what's available in packaged retail form. The targets are beverages.

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