What's next for Starbucks after the extraordinary week it's had? Here are some possibilities.

Working Lunch: The developments are unlikely to halt the fault-finding that's erupted. But at least one could foster more respect.


Accused of misusing service-fee proceeds, a Seattle restaurant group agrees to pay $323,000

Proceeds from the surcharge were used for purposes other than the one patrons expected, according to city authorities.

The association wants operators to speak out against a ban on service fees, which have become increasingly popular at restaurants.

As restaurants continue to be caught in the war-related political crossfire, the latest incident at Philadelphia's Goldie prompted a high-level response.

The department has filed a court action against a Minnesota town for requiring an employee to pay for proof of sobriety.

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that it will hold off on enforcement of the controversial standard until Feb. 26.

With big-name backing, Tucson operator Grant Krueger sues to prevent a farming change that's expected to drive up egg prices.

Eating places are closing at the rate of one per week because of the one-two-three combination.

Working Lunch: Among the industry's concerns should be Democrats' embrace of abortion rights as their party's issue. The importance of the matter to voters could usher more anti-business progressives into office.

Forty-unit Plaza Azteca acknowledged that it underpaid back-of-house staffers.

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