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New Senate plan would channel aid to restaurants that missed out on RRF money

But the assistance, capped at $25,000, would be available only to small operations.


'Joint employer' proposal brings a wave of warnings from the franchise community

Industry associations and about 3,000 franchisees have blasted the redefinition being pushed by the NLRB.

Izzat and Tarik Freitekh were sentenced to 36 and 87 months in prison, respectively, for defrauding the aid program.

The petition drive would halt enforcement until voters decide in 2024 whether to keep the controversial fast-food wage law.

Working Lunch: The industry proved it won't win on key ballot issues if it doesn't put up a fight.

The National Restaurant Association cites an avoidance of the walkout as its top legislative priority for the remainder of 2022.

The assistance grants will be distributed to 169 operators who've already been notified of their funding.

One of Capitol Hill’s top officials was slicing meats and making salads before he went into politics. And the incoming speaker of the House says he hasn’t forgotten that formative experience.

Representatives are asking the federal agency to treat guest programs differently in its attempt to better safeguard consumers' privacy.

Restaurants may have to update their recording processes if they deal in certain products, including seafood and cheese.

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