Consumer Trends

Political swing states take a stand on a restaurant issue

Whether blue or red in 2020, they’re against extending menu labeling.


Trump’s Mexican tariffs would send restaurant food costs soaring, experts warn

The Specialty Food Association says the impact would wallop operators within a month.

A handful of state and local proposals could build into major causes for celebration--or concern.

Richie Jackson is retiring after 34 years as CEO.

The industry would likely be better off with a dead horse than this dark one. But it's the sort of loser operators could get if they sit on the sidelines.

The nomination of the former Godfather’s CEO is controversial because of his abbreviated run for the presidency in 2012.

Though the company’s decision to stop lobbying against hikes was notable, increases have had all the momentum for years, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

In the 1980s, executives remarked offhandedly that an increase would be no big deal. Not everyone sat back in passive acceptance.

Resistance to new laws and regulations is being countered with calls on some fronts for new government action.

Starting July 1, all businesses must accept bills and coins if that’s how the customer chooses to pay.

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