It’s official: 80/20 limit on tip credit won't be enforced

DOL's Wage and Hour Division was instructed to no longer use that standard, despite a court challenge.


Congressional Democrats air plan to kill the tip credit, raise the minimum wage to $15

A bill introduced Wednesday with widespread support would also set

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he’ll introduce a bill in the Senate this week to institute the so-called living wage on a national basis. It has little chance of passing but could be a test that requires expected candidates for the top office to come out for or against it.

The FDA is still monitoring the food supply, and places can still hire without E-Verify.

Included are changes in a DUI standard and new requirements for boards of directors.

The threat of a federal shutdown dominates the headlines, but other political developments could have more of an impact on the foodservice industry. Here’s a sampling.

Here's a look back at the news eruptions that shaped the restaurant industry in 2018.

Here’s a primer on the overlooked initiatives that governments and elected officials are considering.

The food safety watchdog is developing new labels to indicate when a source is beyond suspicion.

The reissue of guidelines tossed in 2009 are expected to shield full-service establishments from lawsuits alleging underpayment of servers.