Alabama eyes source-disclosure requirements for seafood

Under a bill introduced this week, restaurants would be required to disclose the countries of origin for all seafood that's sold, along with whether it was wild-caught or farmed.


New York tries a program for turning asylum seekers into restaurant cooks

A pilot program undertaken with the instructional institution C-CAP aims to steer the immigrants into foodservice jobs, starting with positions in New York City.

More than half the surveyed restaurateurs and club owners say they'd consider shutting down at least one of their operations. Nearly 9 of 10 contend it'd be a disaster.

Mayor Eric Adams says discussions are already underway to launch a Department of Sustainable Delivery for the city, noting it'd be the first of its kind in the nation.

Founder Tony Lucidonio and son Nicky underreported revenues and paid employees under the table for 11 years, cheating the IRS out of $1.3 million in taxes, according to the Justice Department.

Dual bills aim to thwart competition for the state's agricultural industry, and particularly its cattle trade.

Working Lunch: The past week has brought at least one long-awaited and controversial regulatory change. But that's not all that's happening.

A resolution to halt the change was passed by a bipartisan vote, buoying the hopes of opponents that the Senate will follow the House's lead.

The CEO of the Elmer's pancake chain shares how its units have been stung, even to the point of having to close.

Fines were increased by 3.2%, or the rate of inflation, to maintain their strength as deterrents, DOL said.

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