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Restaurant industry presses Congress to keep a data-security bill from going amiss

The National Restaurant Association wants adjustments that shield restaurants from potentially nightmarish side effects.


Foie gras producers sue to block NYC's pending ban

Duck farmers are asking a state court to halt the ban before it starts, arguing that the city shouldn't dictate what's farmed hundreds of miles away.

A regional National Labor Relations Board official wants a nationwide cease-and-desist order issued against the chain, alleging many of the practices are illegal. Starbucks denies the assertions.

The National Labor Relations Board indicated that it once again could make franchisors more accountable for the labor actions of franchisees.

A financing initiative aims to improve the volume and price of food supplies by fostering loans of startup and growth capital.

Working Lunch: Are Pizza Hut's reading selections a social threat? and what will a alternative "anti-woke" Chamber of Commerce mean for restaurants?

The decision is a rare instance of an insurer losing the argument that a policy only applies in instances of structural damage. But the applicability is likely limited because the ruling was by a state court.

With Congress looking to temper inflation, the National Restaurant Association has suggested it look at the fees levied on imports. The White House has already taken steps in that direction.

Establishments will have until January to find alternatives, with one narrow exception.

Citing "life-threatening" temperatures, federal safety authorities are advising employers to follow a combination of common sense and precautions tailored to their workplace.

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