Wash. extends overtime pay to more managers

Salaried employees earning less than $83,356 annually would eventually be entitled to time-and-a-half pay.


Labor cost outlook: 52 minimum wage increases set for 2020

Several West Coast regions will push their minimum past $16 an hour.

Their attorneys general say DOL’s proposed new guideline would be illegal and an intended solution to problems that aren’t evident.

Burgers & Beer will also have to hire and retain more men as part of the EEOC settlement.

Here are some guaranteed shockers that might have slipped past.

Large operations would need to warn employees at least 60 days beforehand.

Health authorities say only lettuce from a particular area may pose a health risk, but experts say the reaction will likely be broader.

The California Restaurant Association has filed a lawsuit to overturn Berkeley’s ban on the construction of kitchens powered by natural gas.

A new proposal would mandate time-and-a-half pay for salaried employees earning less than $57,500 as of 2026.

Blind consumers say the cards are discriminatory because Braille versions aren’t available.

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