Not a drop to drink

Restaurant operators in California are learning how to cope with the water shortage. Here’s what you can learn from them.

50 Great Ideas

50 great ideas: 2016 edition

What takes a notion from “that’s cool” to a smart, business-forward point of differentiation? We present 50 of the greatest on-trend ideas we’ve collected.

Want to get guests' attention? Check out some of these smart marketing moves.

For when you’ve got mail—and lots of it.

Customers want brands to connect with them personally, both inside the four walls of a restaurant and out. The challenge now is how to figure out the ‘where’ and ‘how’ that creates an impact.

Licensing products doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Brands with small programs that they say are lucrative as well as simpler to maintain—and began with relative ease. For restaurateurs looking into licensing, there are lessons to learn at every level.

The night is dark and full of themed menu items and events.

Eyewear retailer Warby Parker tops Fast Company’s list of groundbreaking brands as much for its approach to customer service as its inventive ideas. Here’s what restaurateurs need to know.

Here’s how operators in cold climates ensure their rooftops reel in off-season sales.

Simmzy’s restaurant prides itself on being a neighborhood joint with a large following of regulars who come in multiple times a week—the goal of every operator outside the white-tablecloth sector. Here's how this “Cheers” of southern California attains high-frequency traffic.

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