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Why restaurants should care about Amazon’s union vote

An effort to organize a warehouse in Alabama was unsuccessful. And that could mean bad news is brewing for the foodservice business.


Restaurants’ sales are returning, but not necessarily their workers

Operators say hiring has become their top problem again, even with nearly 2 million former restaurant workers still out of a job.

Darden Restaurants says it will reward hourly employees with $17 million in bonuses while raising its pay scale to $12 an hour.

Starting in May, restaurants that don't use a tip credit can include back-of-house workers in the pool.

Nearly half of operators say their full-service restaurant couldn’t persist in its current form if the break on servers’ pay is outlawed.

Recent events have shown articles of faith on the minimum wage, catering, virtual brands and casual dining are nothing more than fake news.

More than 80% of operators said their recovery would be hurt by the higher minimum, with cuts in hours and jobs, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.

The department is seeking a two-month postponement to further study the rule change proposed by the Trump administration.

Newly released data suggests that even a modest cash incentive can be effective.

A detailed economic analysis shows nearly 1 million workers would be pulled out of poverty, but 1.4 million jobs would be eliminated.

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