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labor costs


Calif.’s wage hikes prove an uneven burden, study finds

Chains have had an easier time adjusting, while full-service independents, particularly in low-income areas, suffer the biggest wallop.


Wage hikes force large-scale restaurant closings, study finds

A survey of employers and employees also shows widespread elimination of jobs and cutbacks in hours.

Newly formed association health plans were struck down in a lawsuit filed by 11 states, but the National Restaurant Association’s established plan was unaffected.

The call for two weeks of paid time off for virtually all hourly restaurant employees is drawing a spotlight.

Salaried restaurant employees earning less than that amount would be entitled to time-and-a-half pay for hours exceeding 40 per week.

Fostering a connection with hourlies and managers can improve everything from kitchen safety to absenteeism and sales, new research shows.

Illinois and New Jersey are the latest states to set that pay floor, and others have proposals on the table.

The industry has added more than 80,000 jobs over the past two months despite rising labor costs.

A bill introduced Wednesday with widespread support would also set

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he’ll introduce a bill in the Senate this week to institute the so-called living wage on a national basis. It has little chance of passing but could be a test that requires expected candidates for the top office to come out for or against it.

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