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labor costs


Half of restaurants have stopped hiring because of labor costs, study finds

The small-business survey from Alignable.com also found that 9% of operators are laying off workers because they fear the economy is worsening.


California's FAST Act may still hit the small chains and independents it's meant to spare

Those outside the fast-food sector worry they may have to raise wages to compete for workers.

Nearly 90% of operators told the National Restaurant Association that costs are higher than 2019 and many operators say they are unable to repay pandemic loans.

Working Lunch: Here's what's driving the demand that employers post their payrolls

The burger chain’s largest operator said it believes its labor costs and commodity prices are improving, which could help its profit margins later this year.

A survey found that 4% are even laying off workers because of pay rates and fears of a recession.

The Bottom Line: High labor and commodity costs have eaten into margins and a bear stock market has wiped out valuations. And now the economy appears headed for a recession.

  Over the past two years, the restaurant industry has had to deal with challenge after challenge after challenge—often with barely any time in between to recover. From dining room closures to...

A Deeper Dive: Jim Balis, managing director with CapitalSpring and CEO of the operator Sizzling Platter, joins the podcast to talk about the best strategies for dealing with rising labor and food costs.

The Bottom Line: Margins were fine last fall as sales recovered. But high food costs on top of high labor costs have done them in. And some concepts are already feeling the pain.

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