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labor costs


What’s a union contract look like?

Burgerville, the regional quick-service chain, found out through more than three years of negotiation with the union representing the staffs of five units. Here’s the agreement that was finally approved.


When will the labor market normalize? It’s uncertain

The Bottom Line: The labor force participation rate remains stubbornly low. The continued pandemic is likely to keep it that way for a while.

The combination of more inflation concerns and the variant sent restaurant stocks tumbling once again on Tuesday.

Jim Balis, managing director with CapitalSpring, says operators should try everything from artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency to help get workers.

A Deeper Dive: Jim Balis, managing director with CapitalSpring, joins this week’s episode to talk about overcoming labor and commodity inflation.

The negotiations stretched across 51 meetings, all the way back to June 2018.

The operator’s dual inflation issues highlight problems restaurants are having in the current environment. But it also sees some improvement.

The now-former CEO of Torchy’s Tacos says brands that make a “genuine investment” in people will win in the long term.

New government figures show eating, drinking and lodging places added 164,000 employees.

West Hollywood is moving toward a pay floor of $17.64 an hour.

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