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labor costs


First Watch to pay staff for vaccinations. New research says that's smart

Newly released data suggests that even a modest cash incentive can be effective.


Both sides of $15 wage debate say new congressional data proves them right

A detailed economic analysis shows nearly 1 million workers would be pulled out of poverty, but 1.4 million jobs would be eliminated.

CEO Chris Kempczinski said the company does “just fine” where states raise the wage to $15, with some caveats, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The new regulations follow 14 months of deliberations.

The pizza chain will provide the payments to front-line workers at company stores and its supply chain centers.

The Utah Republican said the “bonus” would give the employees of essential businesses an incentive to work rather than collect unemployment.

The grants would be part of the National Restaurant Association’s Blueprint for Recovery, a direct-payment program that would be in addition to restarting the Paycheck Protection Program.

Local operators are asking the city and state to end rent collections and provide other forms of assistance.

In Fair Workweek jurisdictions, 80% of operators saw an increase in labor costs. Twenty-six percent reported an improvement in employee morale.

Salaried restaurant employees would not be exempt starting next year unless they earn more than $40,460.

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