menu trends


7 regional menu hits poised for discovery

Local favorites like half-smokes and finger steaks may not be widely known outside of certain areas, but that could change.


5 takeaways from new Chicago restaurants

Ideas to steal for your operation from the 2017 Taste the Trends dine-around.

Homestyle ingredients and dishes can offer an experience that’s nostalgic and familiar—which is why comfort foods never go out of style.

These six quick recipes for festive sweets, snacks and drinks come to the rescue with Christmas and New Year’s around the corner.

News that Wendy’s added Bacon Ranch Fries to its lineup prompted a passionate discussion on craveable sides here at the Restaurant Business editorial office.

Top chains are bringing back fan favorites from years—even decades—ago.

Operators continue to seize the opportunity to raise the bar on cheese in a variety of ways.

These five recipes deliver on the craving for simpler, comforting foods after indulging—or simply overindulging—in fancier fare over the holidays.

The under-the-radar ingredients emerging on menus this year.

Consumers' expectations are higher than ever and constantly evolving, forcing operators to take a second look at traditional menu items.

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