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Get ready for another sort of cost pressure

A new type of environmental bill aims to push recycling costs back on packaging users and suppliers. A law has already been passed in Maine, and 10 other states are expected to consider similar measures.


Colorado bans polystyrene restaurant packaging

The law takes effect in 2022, but restaurants have a grace period in which to use up their inventories.

Takeout and delivery demand has heightened the need for new and different types of containers.

“Beef's on Demand” launches to feed the growing desire for takeout and delivery.

Orders fell by nearly a quarter overall, but purchases of things like disposable bags and food safety products soared.

Manufacturers are continuing to innovate to meet the increased demand for takeout, delivery and safety.

The iconic farm-to-table restaurant is serving all of its off-premise dishes in stainless-steel bowls and boxes, which must be returned after use.

The burger chain will test reusable containers in New York, Portland and Tokyo through the packaging provider Loop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised consumers’ awareness of health and safety, especially in public places, in unprecedented ways.

As restaurant food delivery services continue to transform the way people receive their meals, it is imperative for owners to ensure customer safety—and it’s also just good business.

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