Can a cup rescue McDonald’s traffic?

The chain is testing a new recyclable cup to replace foam, which many believe could help locations in the South regain some lost drink traffic, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


Maine bans polystyrene food containers

The state becomes the first in the nation to outlaw the commonly used packages, with Hawaii, the westernmost jurisdiction, also looking at a ban.

The plans aim to replace single-use containers with vessels that patrons use and return—often to a different establishment.

The burger chain has joined a group led by McDonald’s and Starbucks that wants to make more sustainable packages.

Beyond convenience, there are several reasons pre-sliced pie is a winner in restaurants.

The chain’s U.S. market has also achieved its goal of antibiotic-free chicken.

But doughnuts will remain in the promotional spotlight, along with a new coffee drink and sandwiches.

A host of innovations are being tried to divert single-use hot-drink containers from landfills, from cup sharing to “clever cups” that can order and pay for a refill. Here’s a sampling.

Have food, will travel? Operators are updating offerings and sourcing new packaging as off-premise continues to grow.

The federal agency says there’s no evidence to support the restaurant-opposed move.