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Zuni Cafe makes reusable to-go packaging mandatory

The iconic farm-to-table restaurant is serving all of its off-premise dishes in stainless-steel bowls and boxes, which must be returned after use.


Burger King will test reusable containers in the U.S. next year

The burger chain will test reusable containers in New York, Portland and Tokyo through the packaging provider Loop.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised consumers’ awareness of health and safety, especially in public places, in unprecedented ways.

As restaurant food delivery services continue to transform the way people receive their meals, it is imperative for owners to ensure customer safety—and it’s also just good business.

The law would also eliminate the use of foam-type drink cups as of 2022.

Natha Dempsey will move up from VP to take the leadership role.

In addition to warm beverages abound, mobility can be a key component of a successful fall drink offering.

She will exit the presidency this fall for a corporate job.

Two “green” stores slated for Canada will feature wood-fiber cup lids that need no straw, along with wooden utensils.

Prime Minister Trudeau says his government will also work with the provinces to require a cleanup of plastic litter by restaurants and other users of nonbiodegradable packaging.

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