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Pizza Hut marks the 25th anniversary of its iconic stuffed crust, celebrating both old and new global iterations

The chain was the first to bring Stuffed Crust Pizza to consumers, with more than 40 variations launching in the years since. Innovation continues at R&D headquarters around the world.


Lou Malnati's acquired by investment firm Meritage

The Chicago-style pizza chain was valued at $500 million in the sale, Bloomberg reported.

The fast casual, with two former Chipotle Mexican Grill execs in its C-suite, said it doesn’t want to be the “Chipotle of pizza,” although there are some notable similarities.

It's the latest major growth push for the pizza chain, which is also planning to launch thousands of robotic pizza kiosks.

Parent company Rave Restaurant Group continues to close units as sales keep declining at its fast-casual and buffet brands.

Book set Modernist Pizza, which Migoya coauthored, takes a deep dive into pizza making, revealing the secrets behind every style and technique.

With consumers continuing to cook at home, CPK is not abandoning the meal kit idea. The chain is providing families with a quick, cost-effective dinner solution.

The pizza chain, which has closed many of its old red-roof locations, says those still left are good restaurants as it pushes for more unit growth, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

A lot of companies made overly aggressive bets on unproven fast-casual concepts. PizzaRev was one of them, says RB's The Bottom Line.

The struggling fast-casual pizza chain, which has closed all but 12 locations, is now owned by the parent of Little Big Burgers and others.

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