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Peter Piper changes its model to grow outside its core markets

Parent company CEC Entertainment recently opened a fast-casual version, Peter Piper Pizzeria, in a bid to differentiate itself from sister chain Chuck E. Cheese.


Why Peter Piper Pizza is developing a fast-casual concept

A Deeper Dive: David McKillips, CEO of CEC Entertainment, joins the podcast to discuss Chuck E. Cheese and how to blend two similar brands into the same company.

Pickles are popping all over TikTok and now they’re topping a pizza for a very limited time.

Investor James Alpi accuses Andrew Kellogg of buying off the struggling fast-casual pizza chain’s assets for $10,000, plus a 10-year note, despite receiving at least one offer for $1 million.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the pizza chain’s new Atlanta headquarters, which makes sense. Innovation has been the centerpiece of the chain’s comeback.

Gittrich will take the role of board chairman after passing the baton to Oldenburg, his chosen successor.

The pizza chain will help franchisees with construction services in a bid to spur more growth, saying its unit economics warrant a better pace of development.

The pizza chain’s sales improved last quarter despite a weak market for delivery, thanks to Melts, third-party aggregators, and a major franchisee deal two years ago.

The pizza chain’s same-store sales rose 3.6% in the U.S. and its profits improved, sending the company’s stock higher. But the stock quickly turned south later in the morning.

The pizza chain will train its franchisees this summer in a bid to improve delivery times and service. It is also planning changes to its loyalty program and a redesign of its e-commerce platform.

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