Beyond Chicken Tenders launch on restaurant menus nationwide

Foodservice operators can now offer the plant-based tenders as a chicken alternative.


Starbucks is making a big bet on plants

The coffee chain said the shift to plant-based products has been “dominant” and is testing a location with nothing but plant-based food.

Suppliers and operators are moving past burgers and breakfast meats to grow along with the plant protein trend.

How the fast casual differentiates its version of this low-carb menu star.

Editor’s Roundtable: As plant-based meats return to restaurant marketing, RB editors discuss the products’ potential popularity.

After four years of R&D, the chain’s signature veggie burger is ready for its debut on the core menu.

What was a trickle a couple of years back has turned into a deluge, with milk made from oats, nuts and more flooding the market.

Restaurants are adding more plant-forward choices to menus in response to demand.