Georgia lawmaker wants to give restaurant franchisees more protection against franchisors

Working Lunch: The proposal is part of what's emerging as a wave of bills aiming to curb franchisors' power. That alone makes it worth tracking.


What's at stake for restaurants in the Congressional battle over border security

Spoiler alert: It’s the shot at expanding the labor pool by thousands of prospective hires per day.

Dual bills aim to thwart competition for the state's agricultural industry, and particularly its cattle trade.

A resolution to halt the change was passed by a bipartisan vote, buoying the hopes of opponents that the Senate will follow the House's lead.

Working Lunch: The past week has brought at least one long-awaited and controversial regulatory change. But that's not all that's happening.

Reality Check: Credit card fees are increasingly being passed along to consumers, offsetting a moderation in menu inflation. Operators need to do something about that.

Working Lunch: It promises to be an historic year politically, with plenty of pandering by candidates and action on a slew of issues, from service fees to credit-card processing charges

A resolution thwarting adoption of a new definition will be put to a vote within days, according to the International Franchise Association.

Reality Check: The industry can't publicly condemn Abbott's anti-immigrant measure without looking like a chronic lawbreaker.

Working Lunch: A newly formed alliance includes parties that are usually opposed to the industry on political matters.

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