Stats are the mortar shells in a new battle between Gavin Newsom and restaurant groups

Reality Check: What's the true effect of California's new fast-food wage? Depends on whose numbers you believe.


The restaurant industry tries a potent new lobbying weapon

Government Watch: The National Restaurant Association is setting up a network that turns rank-and-file operators into "super-advocates" for the business. Also: Face mask mandates could make a comeback, but in a different way.

Working Lunch: The effort may be more of a feint, but it's a visible test of the pro-labor party's true commitment to boosting worker incomes.

Working Lunch: Both Trump and Biden are pledging moves that the industry would readily feel.

Government Watch: Waffle House employees win a raise in the wake of union activity, and New York restaurants welcome a limit on reservation scalping.

Consumers would need to be alerted to the add-ons ahead of time. The measure's proponents are asking that it be passed before most surcharges are outlawed starting July 1.

One Fair Wage said its research shows young residents would be more likely to vote if the issue hung in the balance.

Restaurant trade groups and other business organizations have filed the action in the same court that struck down a similar change in the rules in 2017.

The Ohio Restaurant & Hospitality Alliance airs research showing tipped employees are as opposed as their employers are.

Proponents of killing the credit acknowledged this week that legislation outlawing the employer concession is virtually dead for this year.

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