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Starbucks and its union are ready to negotiate. What's on the table?

Working Lunch: The give-and-take on scheduling and firings could have repercussions for all chains.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs historic fast-food wage bill

The measure will give workers an unprecedented say in setting pay rates at quick-service chains. The National Restaurant Association has said other states are likely to follow.

Employees say the Fast Act would give them more power over wages and working conditions. But restaurant operators argue that unions would be pulling the strings.

Opponents of the landmark legislation, which would give employees a say in setting wages, are working to get Gov. Gavin Newsom to veto the bill.

Working Lunch: The state doesn't want its data-security requirements to be undercut by federal rules, leaving restaurants with a potential hodgepodge of state rules.

A new movement aims to counter "woke capitalism" by steering state support away from institutions that favor a commitment to ESG.

The National Restaurant Association has called on the Small Business Administration to distribute the aid immediately to restaurants whose aid applications were mothballed.

Activists are offering bounties for a spotting, as they did recently for a heads-up on Brett Kavanaugh.

Working Lunch: Even customers are sounding off about the stances taken by favored dining establishments.

The FAST Act would provide quick-service employees with a strong voice on the pay, scheduling and training practices of fast-food employers. It also legislates that franchisors are joint employers liable for the labor infractions of franchisees.

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