Starbucks' Howard Schultz agrees to testify before a Senate committee

Facing a possible subpoena, the CEO accepted a pointed invitation to appear before the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which is chaired by Bernie Sanders.


Bernie Sanders has a hot seat waiting for Starbucks' Howard Schultz

Working Lunch: Sanders may indeed be able to compel a Senate appearance by the outgoing chain CEO, but that's just one of the issues that Starbucks faced in the last week or so.

Julie Su has been a foe of business throughout her public service career, with a tendency to over-regulate, said the International Franchise Association.

The pro-labor senator says he's tired of being ignored by the Starbucks interim CEO and wants an accounting of the chain's response to a unionization drive.

Legislation has been introduced to designate restaurant franchisors and franchisees as joint employers of a unit's staff.

The famously liberal U.S. senator has asked the coffee chain CEO to appear before a Senate committee and answer questions about Starbucks’ handling of an organizing drive.

Working Lunch: The industry is under attack in the political arena, with battles forming on a host of fronts.

All stakeholders seem to agree that comprehensive reform is needed. But that’s where agreement ends.

In a win for restaurants, the state Court of Appeals essentially ensured that the status quo will persist after Feb. 19.

The Fast Act is now officially on hold until a 2024 referendum is held. But the war is on to capture the public's sympathies. And in the middle of it is McDonald's U.S. president.

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