Restaurants may not get White House rep after all

Andy Puzder is out as a candidate for secretary of labor.

Restaurants brace for day without immigrant workers

Immigrant workers are being encouraged to skip work Thursday in a protest against President Trump's changes in U.S. immigration policy, and consumers of foreign origin are being asked not to spend money. Many restaurants have already said they'll close for the day in a show of solidarity--and perplexity at how to keep operating.

No sooner had one arresting development arisen than another quickly followed in its wake, making neck braces an acceptable fashion accessory.

Sometimes silence can really be golden for restaurants. Here's proof.

In a letter sent to all employees, the chain promised to hire 10,000 refugees who might be affected by the president's executive order on immigration changes.

A look at the forces poised to shake up the restaurant business for the next decade and beyond.

When we first started brainstorming ideas for the cover of this month’s issue, we didn’t plan on featuring the president-elect…And then the results came in.

A social media movement is trying to get "Trump" written upon request on customers' cups. If a staff member refuses, they're shamed in posted videos.

The appointment would give the restaurant industry a zealous advocate at the highest level of policy-making.

In a week of surprises, the restaurant industry definitely had its share. Here are a few that slithered up on the business.

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