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This week’s restaurant nightmares: Oh, boy

With politics dominating the news, is it any surprise that such issues as immigration and racial stigmas would spill into restaurants, with ugly results? Here’s how it’s happening.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Spillover

The nation's worsening drug problem is spilling into restaurants, and that's not the only negative carryover from other realms. Overtime lawsuits are proliferating while new regulations are on hold. But there is some good news among the week's most noticeable developments.

Patrons’ visitation results from strong ties with restaurants’ values.

Catastrophes can bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, they can also bring out the worst in business decisions. Here's the proof.

Operators are looking to cash in on the chatter surrounding this year’s presidential race.

Not the least of this week's dizzying moments was the quick recast of the new overtime-pay rules into a giant question mark.

The appointment would give the restaurant industry a zealous advocate at the highest level of policy-making.

A look at the forces poised to shake up the restaurant business for the next decade and beyond.

No sooner had one arresting development arisen than another quickly followed in its wake, making neck braces an acceptable fashion accessory.

Even we blushed while perusing some of the week's uncelebrated but noteworthy developments.

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