This week’s restaurant nightmares: Temporary insanity?

This week’s goddammit moments were not of the passive variety. Operators were plunged into a crisis by the remarkably bad decisions they made, some after what had to have been considerable deliberation.


This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: Whoa moments

Recent days brought signs of how bad things could get in the restaurant business, along with some advice from the ultimate chief executive about what to do about it.

The nation's worsening drug problem is spilling into restaurants, and that's not the only negative carryover from other realms. Overtime lawsuits are proliferating while new regulations are on hold. But there is some good news among the week's most noticeable developments.

A union is suing the president for keeping his connection to the industry, saying the benefits are unconstitutional.

The nation's highest court refused to reinstate a deal that could have systemized a way for raising credit card processing fees.

With politics dominating the news, is it any surprise that such issues as immigration and racial stigmas would spill into restaurants, with ugly results? Here’s how it’s happening.

Restaurants could be losing one of the industry's key federal protections, and that's not the only extreme possibility that emerged for the business.

Unusual became the usual this week for the restaurant business. Here are a few pieces of the evidence.

Here's what the industry can expect from the White House, based on the chief executive's speech to Congress.

Crime doesn't pay, as some restaurateurs learned this week. But, sometimes, neither does doing what seems the right thing for your staff.

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