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Now Chick-fil-A is being blasted by the right

Working Lunch: The high-flying chain is drawing fire for hiring a head of diversity, equity and inclusion. Is any brand safe from the nation's political polarization?


Washington, D.C., restaurants learn the outs of service fees

Surcharges have become routine after residents voted to kill the tip credit. Now, operators and customers are coming across the unexpected side effects.

Working Lunch: The mayoral contests yielded little insight on what's ahead for restaurants politically.

Working Lunch: The Bud Light and Disney controversies show how businesses can be sucked in.

The former Starbucks chief was accused of being a regulatory scofflaw with little regard for the chain's employees. And he had a few pointed words for the senators who bashed him.

He countered his critics' barrage of incriminating facts with a few truth bombs of his own.

An industry group is running ads that bash the organizers as being hypocrites and capitalists with little true respect for progressive causes.

Organized labor is pushing to end it. But there’s less than a consensus among other parties. Still, supporters of the credit are bracing for more battles.

Working Lunch: The argument against including sales taxes in the fee base is gaining traction.

A review of recent legislative and regulatory activity finds government officials eyeing a number of measures with implications for restaurants.

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