Post-election strife spills into restaurants

High emotions are triggering confrontations between Donald Trump's fans and detractors. Unfortunately for the industry, sometimes the combatants' battlefield of choice is the restaurant dining room.

This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: To-and-fro edition

Not the least of this week's dizzying moments was the quick recast of the new overtime-pay rules into a giant question mark.

A group of restaurant-chain CEOs offered their advice to the next chief executive as the race moved into the home stretch.

Here’s what’s at stake for the industry, how the parties are leaning on key issues, and which ballot initiatives are worth noting.

Operators are looking to cash in on the chatter surrounding this year’s presidential race.

Noise about the election drowned out revelations about restaurants' surprising roles.

Regardless of how wildly Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump celebrates victory on Nov. 8, restaurateurs are the ones likely to suffer a hangover.

Catastrophes can bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, they can also bring out the worst in business decisions. Here's the proof.

Restaurateurs swapped their whites and business suits this week for superhero capes and masks. Here’s a rundown of their exploits.

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