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This week’s 4 head-spinning moments: Times a-changin’

Unusual became the usual this week for the restaurant business. Here are a few pieces of the evidence.

Supreme Court raises hopes for swipe-fee moderation

The nation's highest court refused to reinstate a deal that could have systemized a way for raising credit card processing fees.

Recent days brought signs of how bad things could get in the restaurant business, along with some advice from the ultimate chief executive about what to do about it.

A year after the public put a businessman in the White House for the first time, restaurateurs are still judging the effects.

Regardless of how wildly Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump celebrates victory on Nov. 8, restaurateurs are the ones likely to suffer a hangover.

Here’s what’s at stake for the industry, how the parties are leaning on key issues, and which ballot initiatives are worth noting.

High emotions are triggering confrontations between Donald Trump's fans and detractors. Unfortunately for the industry, sometimes the combatants' battlefield of choice is the restaurant dining room.

A social media movement is trying to get "Trump" written upon request on customers' cups. If a staff member refuses, they're shamed in posted videos.

In a letter sent to all employees, the chain promised to hire 10,000 refugees who might be affected by the president's executive order on immigration changes.

Immigrant workers are being encouraged to skip work Thursday in a protest against President Trump's changes in U.S. immigration policy, and consumers of foreign origin are being asked not to spend money. Many restaurants have already said they'll close for the day in a show of solidarity--and perplexity at how to keep operating.

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