New law ends Michigan’s tip credit—to restaurants’ delight

The restaurant industry believes it has a better chance of keeping the wage break alive if it’s fighting a law instead of a ballot proposal.


5 restaurant stories you likely missed, but shouldn’t have

This week’s head-spinning moments include customers’ decision to secretly redecorate a McDonald’s and the capture of possibly the restaurant industry’s most notorious dine-and-dash artist. And it wouldn’t be a news roundup without a story involving Donald Trump.

Operators must balance what feels right with what makes sense for their business, Advice Guy says.

Here’s why it was a bad month for tree swingers, politically aware operators and places with gas problems.

One is the center of a scandal, the other an international bargaining chip; both stories reflect the chains’ strengths, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Utterances had intent listeners doing a double take. Here's why heads were turned.

The former diplomat and security adviser shared her concerns about the dangers posed by a changing international and social situation.

Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s and Starbucks show the greatest divide among Democrat and Republican diners in a new survey.

A year after the public put a businessman in the White House for the first time, restaurateurs are still judging the effects.

Patrons’ visitation results from strong ties with restaurants’ values.

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