National Restaurant Association takes aim at FTC's proposal to kill add-on fees

The association wants operators to speak out against a ban on service fees, which have become increasingly popular at restaurants.


What the results of Tuesday's elections could mean for restaurants

Working Lunch: Among the industry's concerns should be Democrats' embrace of abortion rights as their party's issue. The importance of the matter to voters could usher more anti-business progressives into office.

Working Lunch: The National Labor Relations Board's controversial move is likely to be challenged immediately in court. The franchise community is also likely to push for use of the Congressional Review Act. But will either effort succeed?

A single infraction could cost a restaurant employer upwards of $250,000 under a new federal proposal.

Wages paid directly to servers, bartenders and other tipped restaurant employees will rise by 67% over the next five years.

Working Lunch: A group called the Critical Labor Coalition has some ideas its pushing on the Hill. Here are a few of the would-be aids.

In a lengthy meeting this week, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and senior Biden administration officials pledged to find ways of putting more asylum seekers into jobs. They've already agreed on one way to do it.

Working Lunch: It's an often-overlooked channel with plenty of room for growth, according to a lobbyist in the trenches.

A bill signed into law by Gov. Abbott ensures that local and county jurisdictions can't set rules that conflict with state and federal requirements.

The bipartisan measure aims to lower the cost by fostering more competition among processors.

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