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The latest cleaning equipment

“Everything old is new again” is a saying that certainly holds true for today’s cleaning products. The latest items take established formulations and tweak them—technologically. The result: better sanitation, cost savings and reduced labor.

US Foods Partners With StarChefs.com

ROSEMONT, IL (February 19, 2013)—US Foods announced it is partnering with StarChefs.com to recognize skilled chefs as a key sponsor of the 2013...

HATTIESBURG, MS (May 23, 2013)—Merchants Foodservice recently held its 19th Annual Big M Golf Classic and Vendor Appreciation Reception in Hattiesburg, MS...

It's 4:00 PM on a hot Friday in August. Your frozen seafood shipment for the busy weekend has just arrived. Without warning, the lights dim, flicker, and then the power goes out.

With venison, buffalo, and squab now offered on mainstream menus, fans are getting wild with their dinner orders.

Buying soup. How hard can it be? Hopefully easier with a little help from us.

High beef prices, more efficient production and an improved product have pushed pork to the forefront.

Acute injuries (resulting from a specific accident or event) in this industry have been on the decline, according to the National Restaurant Association. That’s good news, but what’s tougher to measure are the injuries that creep up gradually and tend to get ignored.

Here’s what you need to know to buy the animal-friendly products that many of your customers are starting to demand you serve.

Restaurant kitchens get creative with winter produce, adding bursts of color and flavor to the plate.

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