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No smoke, but fire for sure

It had been just a bad memory: Smokers raising hell in restaurants that dared to curb their vice, and the health-minded leaning hard on operators to snuff out second-hand smoke.

FDA finalizes menu-labeling regs

Chain restaurants will have a year to post calorie counts for food and some alcoholic beverages. They’ll also be required to provide far more information in print form, and to let customers know that 2,000 calories is a daily benchmark.

The rules and regulations to keep an eye out for in your area.

In the fight over minimum wage, the restaurant industry faces an elusive, but highly organized challenger.

San Francisco has already passed a law to change restaurants’ labor-scheduling policies. Meanwhile, a California lawmaker wants wages doubled on certain days.

Restaurants could be a beneficiary of a partnership agreement struck yesterday by two of the three agencies charged with protecting the food supply. The collaboration promises to bolster the nation's safeguards, particularly for produce.

A loud note of disharmony could be heard within the restaurant industry this week, particularly among its Italian combatants.

Under President Obama, government officials are aggressively enforcing the law against employers who fail to pay the minimum wage, deny overtime compensation and misclassify workers as contractors.

The Treasury delivered rules telling employers how they will need to track and report health care information to the IRS under the Affordable Care Act.

The beginning of the year brings an outpouring of predictions from industry watchers (including us; we did a whole series, including this one). Here are three that made few if any of those lists, yet are already looking like possible trends for 2015.

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