How Chicago restaurants got burned by their own advocate

Working Lunch: The Illinois Restaurant Association threw in the towel without so much as making a fist.


With Chicago set to kill the tip credit, labor advocates are focusing on the next domino

After local industry advocates dropped their opposition, a bill to phase out the employer payroll concession is being described as a done deal.

Are restaurant service charges transparent enough? Opinions among the supposed beneficiaries of these fees vary.

The Democratic proposal would phase in the changes over a five-year stretch. The bill is a pet measure of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Working Lunch: The industry is tacking on service fees cavalierly. Is that attitude about to backfire in the form of regulation?

Surcharges have become routine after residents voted to kill the tip credit. Now, operators and customers are coming across the unexpected side effects.

Working Lunch: Incoming chief Brandon Johnson has plans to push several measures that would have a big impact on restaurants.

A new survey shows 70% of local restaurants intend to use surcharges to counter the loss of the tip credit. About 150 places have already taken the plunge.

The pandemic and its aftermath have upended tipping etiquette in America, leaving consumers frustrated and confused even as many pony up for the extra charges.

Inflation, guest expectations and a customer’s mood all play into how generous or stingy a tip will be. Good service may have nothing—or a lot—to do with it.

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