Service fees are about to go big time in Washington, D.C.

A new survey shows 70% of local restaurants intend to use surcharges to counter the loss of the tip credit. About 150 places have already taken the plunge.


The tip credit could become a victim of new political realities

Organized labor is pushing to end it. But there’s less than a consensus among other parties. Still, supporters of the credit are bracing for more battles.

The days of the tip jar are mostly in the past. But are POS tip prompts hurting more than helping? Fast-food employees give their perspective.

The regulations have actually been simplified at the federal level. But they remain sufficiently complicated to require some navigating.

The pandemic and its aftermath have upended tipping etiquette in America, leaving consumers frustrated and confused even as many pony up for the extra charges.

Inflation, guest expectations and a customer’s mood all play into how generous or stingy a tip will be. Good service may have nothing—or a lot—to do with it.

A Deeper Dive: This week’s podcast focuses on tipping from the view of the restaurant employee, and why they like them at both full-service and limited-service restaurants.

The Bottom Line: Franchisees in particular jumped at the chance to scoop up restaurants in 2021, often paying sky-high multiples in the process. And then inflation hit.

Working Lunch: The CEO is quick to shift responsibility to societal trends. So why is the brand making so many operational changes?

Working Lunch: "I see the fine hand of the anti-tipping lobby at play here," says co-host Joe Kefauver.

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