Restaurants find unlikely allies in the push to roll back credit card fees

Working Lunch: A newly formed alliance includes parties that are usually opposed to the industry on political matters.


Starbucks urges baristas' union chief to restart contract negotiations, this time with a deadline

The chain has asked Starbucks Workers Union to push through disagreements on the format of negotiations and bang out all contracts by 2025.

Starbucks Workers United said it will push that demand with a job action during Red Cup Day, one of the coffee chain's major traffic boosters.

A beta version of the $5 food-safety training program needs to get rid of some bugs, says an expert on the topic. But its producers say the issue is politics, not a dispute over best practices.

Reality Check: The industry's tendency to portray every legislative or regulatory proposal as a restaurant killer is getting very old. Couldn't we be adults and focus on the real effects, like less opportunity?

As feared, the National Labor Relations Board has broadened the definition of "joint employer," rousing the industry to pledge new battles in Congress and the courts.

Suddenly, organized labor seems to be working against its own cause, affording restaurants a puzzling but appreciated wait-and-see opportunity.

Workers United accused the coffeehouse giant of unfair labor practices by sharing a list of union stores with pro-Israel groups angered by "solidarity with Palestine" messages. Starbucks, however, says the list did not come from the company.

The subpoena seeks documents related to the coffee chain's reaction to a unionization drive.

Wages paid directly to servers, bartenders and other tipped restaurant employees will rise by 67% over the next five years.

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