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Year in review


Private equity, on the sidelines in 2021, could make its return in 2022

The investment firms largely ceded the market to strategic buyers last year. But some believe they could make their return as they grow more confident in projections.


Hey Santa, here's what restaurants really want

Reality Check: The best thing you could give restaurateurs this year is a break from the near past.

See why steak chains, college athletes and labor unions had a good year.

As America emerged from pandemic restrictions, some 2020 food and drink trends strengthened while new ones gained ground.

The industry continued to consolidate in 2021, while restaurants returned to the public markets with surprising eagerness.

The year’s biggest story was an unprecedented lack of workers that left operators closing services, reducing hours and dramatically increasing pay.

A number of high-profile chefs opened new outposts during 2015 to answer the question, What’s next? Here’s a look at those and other 2015 restaurant openings worth noting.

A look at the tycoon’s notable rows with industry players this year.

While restaurateurs tack Spongebob Band-Aids to their wounds, lets take a second to reflect on the biggest legislative and regulatory blows of the year.

Every year, the dictionary has to update its list of entries. As an industry, we too have to revamp our vernacular to include terms and phrases flying out of the mouths of restaurateurs—and customers. Here’s a list of the buzzy phrases that caught fire among industry folks this year.

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