Year in review


Industry luminaries we lost in 2023

The restaurant business said goodbye to a cheeseburger fiend who could also play guitar, the Buster of Dave & Buster's and the genius who came up with the Double-Double. Here's a list of the deaths that made the industry a poorer place.


Here's what the reindeer behind Santa could do for restaurants

Reality Check: Watch out for the extremely naughty in M&A activity. In fact, make a list and check it at least twice.

Here are the dark clouds that could temper restaurants’ enthusiasm for a new year. Then again, the threats could drive them to harder partying.

RB’s editors take turns forecasting what’s in store for the restaurant industry in the coming year.

From the Editor: Here are the top stories, blogs and podcast episodes from a complicated year in the restaurant industry.

The year in acquisitions: Strategic deals dominated a weak year for industry mergers and acquisitions. Investment firms remained on the sidelines.

The year’s biggest stories: Soaring costs, Starbucks’ big year, the Fast Act and restaurants’ Russian exodus marked a year full of monumental shifts and challenges.

The metaverse, pumpkin spice and product shortages are a few of the items on our naughty list this year.

Supply chain and labor challenges forced operators to streamline menus, but culinary and flavor innovation certainly didn’t stand still.

See who and what won big in 2022, and the aspects of the restaurant industry that had a terrible, no good, very bad year.

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