Year in review

The year’s top ouches for restaurateurs

While restaurateurs tack Spongebob Band-Aids to their wounds, lets take a second to reflect on the biggest legislative and regulatory blows of the year.


15 vocab additions from 2015

Every year, the dictionary has to update its list of entries. As an industry, we too have to revamp our vernacular to include terms and phrases flying out of the mouths of restaurateurs—and customers. Here’s a list of the buzzy phrases that caught fire among industry folks this year.

A look back reveals which restaurant chains struck out, and which ones knocked it out of the park.

Restaurants are realizing they need to pay as much attention to technology as they traditionally have to such success factors as food and operations. Here are the developments that demanded that focus in the past year.

Looking back over the year, certain key words seemed to capture what was happening on restaurant menus. Here’s a recap of what shaped menus in 2015.

Shifts that started this year may redirect the industry for years to come.

The ground might not have quaked, but the industry changed significantly in 2015. Thank (or blame) technology, unions and regulators.

They made the boldest headlines in what was indisputably an up-and-down year. The ups were rocket shots to nosebleed heights, and the downs were just as extreme—catastrophic, yet wellsprings of outrage and surprise. Here are six individuals who contributed to the rollercoaster ride.

Here’s a review of the executive changes in 2015 that hold the most profound implications for the business in the years beyond.

No one would blame the headquarters staff of Subway for ringing out 2015 with a little extra vigor. It was a catastrophic year for the brand, with high profile setbacks and heart-breaking losses. Here’s a recap.

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