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Building momentum

1. Do you have an emotional bond with your customers?
In it for the long haul
It ain't about the food

2. Does your strategy stand out from the crowd?
A rose by any other name What is it that makes you different, better and special?
What's luck got to do with it? Can you think of 10 ways your customers can make themselves feel at home in your restaurant?
Keep your eyes on the prize

3. Are you a fun place to work — and a fun organization to do business with?
Are we having fun yet?
In the balance

4. Are you built to change?
Managing to get by
From wagon wheels to rocket fuel

5. Do you embrace the value of values?
To the core

6. Do you deliver to your customers the experience they expect and the experience you promise?
Get on the brand wagon

7. Are you as disciplined as you are creative?
The devil is in the details
What gets measured gets done
Act now before it's too late

8. Are you winning the battle for talent?
How smart is your business?
How deep is your bench?
Change is good...you go first

9. Do you use technology to change expectations and reshape your business?
In-house vs. out-house
Does not compute If you're not using your point of sale system to its full potential, you're missing out on a huge time and work-saving benefit, and losing out on up-to-date information to help you manage your business.
And one to grow on

10. Are you built for speed?

Don't sweat the small stuff Managing time and priorities is a necessity if you're going to be able to act and react fast.
Lights, camera, action!

11. Have you built a company of leaders?
Learning to let employees lead
Go or grow
How smart is your business?

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