Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


The Habit Burger Grill introduces bourbon-flavored menu items

The new menu items will be available for a limited time during the fall.


What’s the next Nashville hot chicken?

What regional chicken recipe could be the next big hit at chains?

As the holiday season kicks into gear, catered events and parties are added to many operators’ workloads. To meet the catering challenge, start with these recipes.

Chains are ramping up R&D to launch on-trend dishes.

Although already a perennial favorite with consumers, chicken sandwiches are showing no signs of flying the coop: This category has grown 2.7% since 2016, according to Technomic’s MenuMonitor. With th...

Operators are turning to both obvious and catchy names for new menu sections that tap into the snacking trend.

Chicken breast has been the darling of restaurant and home kitchens for a couple of decades, touted for its versatility and health benefits. But lately, operators and consumers are beginning to suffer from white meat fatigue.

Tea doesn’t seem to command the same devotion and geekdom that coffee does here in the U.S. While coffee houses boast Rube Goldberg contraptions for brewing java, many operators still throw a tea bag in a cup of hot water—which doesn’t cut it for tea lovers.

Buffalo Wild Wings is switching to a new portioning policy for its chicken wings to bring the menu price more in line with the cost to the chain.

In light of today’s cronut craze, donut mania and pie palooza, capitalizing on America’s sweet tooth is a no-brainer. And there are a variety of ways that you can get in on this sweet action, whether you’re looking to update your current dessert offering or you are considering making additions to your menu.

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