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Dutch Division of Sodexo First Foodservice Distributor to Achieve ASC Certification

(August 28, 2013)—Sodexo Netherlands will soon be the first foodservice operator to obtain Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) chain of custody...

Pennsylvania Distributor Testing Bi-Fuel Vehicles

PITTSBURG, PA (August 10, 2013)—Paragon Foods has announced its first truck to be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The tractor-trailer vehicle will...

July 26, 2013—Albion Fisheries, Santa Monica Seafood, Seattle Fish Co. and other major seafood companies have formed Sea Pact, an industry coalition to...

CHICAGO (April 17, 2013)—While U.S. Hispanics and non-Hispanics consume foods high in protein, Hispanics consume chicken, legumes, eggs, and fish/seafood...

Goat’s emergence onto mainstream American menus has slowly increased over the past three years, and availability of the meat has been limited, but that momentum is shifting into high gear.

This week, parents set up a restaurant-based trust for their disabled son, a baseball player gets involved in a mini bowling concept, the truck vs. store wars heat up in Houston, unexpected late-night disasters, and a terrible, no good, awful idea is backed by a very stubborn Canadian.

When Firehouse Subs partnered with King’s Hawaiian to offer the King’s Hawaiian Pork & Slaw sandwich, it was the first time the sweet bread producer had partnered with a restaurant chain. To commemorate the occasion the “Lei Your Love on the Line” video contest was born.

As Shake Shack has grown from its humble beginnings into a family of 15 stores in three countries, so has its social media fan base. To support their avid and active customers, they redesigned and relaunched their website.

Quizno's uses behavior and location to run a successful mobile campaign, the USDA is following their own advice, a restaurant rewards well-behaved kiddos and gets a spot on the Today show, snatching delivery guys' tips to cover fees is a no-no, and McD's is upping the service level down under.

Menus are among the first things that a customer looks at when trying to decide which restaurant to visit. Restaurants with outdated menus on their websites—or even worse, no menus at all—take the risk of being passed over by would-be diners. Especially if the restaurant down the street has its menu online.

SALT LAKE CITY (December 14, 2012)—Nicholas & Co, the 17th largest broadline distributor in the country, was honored alongside several restaurateurs...

In a Korean eatery in New York’s East Village, what’s old is new again, from the more than 30,000 vinyl albums on the walls to the View-Masters on the tables.

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