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Familiarity breeds loyalty

Whoever uttered the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” may have gotten it wrong—at least when it comes to restaurants. A new study suggests that familiarity actually makes customers more loyal.

Savoring the moment

Several of our panelists describe exceptional service and an eating experience that was a part of the greatness of the dish.

A tragedy close to home reminds Executive Editor Kelly Killian of restaurants' comforting presence during our toughest times.

Some fast-casual chains, such as Panera, have had success with drive-thru service in certain locations, while many remain on the fence. But 35 percent of consumers say availability of a drive-thru is important in selecting a restaurant. And this mom agrees.

What does Executive Editor Kelly Killian have in store for her new blog? Hint: She gets to “geek out,” and bring you must-see information at the same time.

Moonshine has stepped into the light as a darling ingredient of mixologists south—and north—of the Mason-Dixon. Even the big chains have dared to dip into the hooch, with Joe’s Crab Shack introducing three moonshine cocktails to its restaurant menu for fall.

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