Domino’s loads up tots with pizza toppings to fuel Super Bowl fans

Customers can order up Domino’s Loaded Tots along with their gameday pizzas on Sunday.


Domino’s is buying Chevy Bolts to attract more drivers

The pizza chain will have a fleet of 800 electric vehicles, which it says will be the largest EV pizza delivery fleet in the U.S.

The Bottom Line: The world’s biggest restaurant chain and the world’s biggest pizza chain are increasingly going head-to-head for budget consumers.

The pizza delivery chain has seen its unit growth slow in the U.S., but it remains bullish on its overall growth potential here.

The pizza chain sold the locations for $41.1 million. It also said its same-store sales improved in the U.S. last quarter.

The pizza chain is raising the price of its $5.99 carryout offer to $6.99 as those sales continue to perform well. It argues that inflation will be bad for the delivery business.

The “Inflation Relief Deal” covers all menu items nationwide and comes amid a growing value push.

The Bottom Line: Consumers are apparently warming to the coffee giant. But the pizza chain is calling it quits in the marke

Restaurant Business Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze joins Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo in looking at how the Noid has snuck back into the pizza giant's headquarters.

The Bottom Line: As Domino’s confronts its driver shortage, perhaps it’s time to wonder whether overall demand for delivered food is shrinking in a more normalized environment.

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