A lot more people ordered Domino's Pizza last quarter

The pizza chain saw transaction growth in both delivery and carryout and from all groups, as the company’s loyalty program and value take hold.


Domino's will pay customers to tip their delivery drivers

The pizza delivery chain will give customers $3 coupons for their next delivery order if they tip their drivers $3 or more.

New York City built its pizza reputation on foldable slices topped with sauce and cheese. Recently, the big chains are getting in on the action and New York-style pizza is spreading across the country.

The Bottom Line: Growth that came so easy to pizza delivery chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns is now much harder to come by. And now two of them are looking for new leadership.

The pizza delivery chain added the largest number of new operators in 15 years in 2023. All of them started as delivery drivers or other employees within the system.

The pizza chain's transactions increased late last year, largely due to the unique buy-one, get-one-free promotion and growth in its reconfigured Domino's Rewards loyalty program.

Domino's Pizza Enterprises blamed sales weakness in Asia on consumer rejection of American brands over the Israel-Palestine crisis.

The pizza chain is regaining delivery customers as profitability improves, thanks to better operations, staffing and higher prices. It is now focused on accelerating growth worldwide.

The pizza chain is giving out $500,000 worth of grants to communities for snow plowing services this season.

The chain is giving $1 million worth of free pizzas to people who have to start paying student loans again.

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