Maybe the market for delivery is simply slowing

The Bottom Line: As Domino’s confronts its driver shortage, perhaps it’s time to wonder whether overall demand for delivered food is shrinking in a more normalized environment.


These restaurant chains were founded after Domino’s last international sales decline

The pizza chain on Thursday reported its first same-store sales decline in 113 quarters, a streak dating to 1993. These are the restaurant chains that have been founded since.

The pizza chain’s sales continue to lag, largely because it can’t find enough drivers. But it says “all options will remain on the table” until it can solve the problem.

The pizza delivery chain’s same-store sales outside the U.S. fell for the first time since 1993. U.S. same-store sales declined and the company increased its expectations for food cost inflation.

The company has found that delivery drivers want shorter shifts, flexible hours and the ability to sign on at the last minute, just like they get with aggregators like DoorDash.

The company also operates Dunkin’ locations. U.S. private equity firm The Carlyle Group plans to sell its shares in the company.

The company’s promotion, offering 50% off pizzas ordered online, is returning this week after a pandemic hiatus.

Uber and Lyft drivers prefer the flexibility and better pay, according to a new study by BTIG, which suggested pizza chains may need to change their business models to compete.

The pizza chain has a new mind ordering app, an immersive experience designed to mimic Hawkins, Ind., in 1986, the location of the show “Stranger Things.” The app uses facial recognition and eye movements to let customers order pizzas.

The Bottom Line: Pizza chains are struggling to find enough drivers. They are increasingly turning to delivery services, which are not having the same problem.

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