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Jack in the Box


Jack in the Box’s Del Taco deal was more expensive than it seems

The Bottom Line: Executives argued that “synergies” made the deal more palatable. But it’s taking a while for those cost savings to take hold. Investors have responded accordingly.


Here’s what Jack in the Box is doing to improve store margins

The burger chain’s stock was hammered Tuesday as inflation and investments ate into its profits. The company is taking operational steps to improve margins, such as new cheese pumps.

The burger chain unveiled a takeout-only prototype in Oklahoma. The company believes it could be key to its growth plans. Here's a look at the details.

The fast-food chain is making a big push to expand outside of California and Texas and views non-traditional locations as fertile ground.

The burger chain, eager to spur unit growth, is giving franchisees a break on royalties over four years if they agree to open at least three locations.

The company, which also owns Del Taco, said sales accelerated at the end of last quarter, while more dining rooms reopen and supply chain disruptions ease.

The Star Wars actor was once fired for doing impersonations in the drive-thru. He will appear in ads highlighting the return of Jack in the Box’s Spicy Chicken Strips and French Toast Sticks.

History shows deep pockets and past triumphs are no guarantee of conquering the peculiar world of foodservice. Here’s a look at past trainwrecks.

The company plans to generate 4% annual restaurant growth by 2025. But a thin pipeline, weak units and supply chain hassles are making the process of getting there difficult.

The burger chain, which also operates Del Taco, said it is getting traction with efforts to improve profits and recruit and retain more workers, such as self-cleaning shake machines.

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