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Joint employer decision pushed off by McDonald's deal

The settlement will avert the need for a ruling on whether employers are liable for franchisees' labor practices.

NRA to Feature Panel on Bird Flu

The session will present latest information about U.S. and international efforts to control bird flu in animal populations; what an outbreak among animals...

The burger giant's largest restaurant in Russia reopened today after a clash with local officials shuttered several locations for 90 days. Two others McDonald's are undergoing upgrades and will reopen soon.

The new tweak aims to eliminate the bureaucracy that can slow decisions, the home office said.

Units of the chain will serve biscuit and McMuffin sandwiches all day, as well as McGriddles.

Features to consider when building an app.

Consumers say these restaurant chains provide the best guest pampering.

Not all the big leaks this week came from Washington. Chipotle, McDonald's and Starbucks had a few doozies, too.

The new Archburger would be made with sixth-pound, fresh-beef patties.

The complaint says the chain’s remodel requirements and other efforts are designed to push him out of the business.

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