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2017 Top 500: Frozen Dessert

Dairy Queen comprises more than half of the frozen desserts menu category's sales, which as a whole grew just 1.5%, to $6.3 billion.

For almost 60 years now, marketers of all kinds have been following the whims and mores of the largest, most educated, most affluent—and most...

If you’re a growing chain, hunches, assumptions, emotions and instinct go just so far before managing by them becomes a risky business.

Links to menus from restaurants featured in stories in the April 2010 issue of Restaurant Business magazine.

Traditional is meeting contemporary, as beverages are revamped for a changing palate, pocketbook and generation of consumers. Benchmark Hospitality International’s “Top 10 Beverage Trends for 2010” shows how the beverage industry is embracing change and satisfying consumers—whether it’s rediscovering retro cocktails or welcoming new wine varietals.

Here’s a sampling of happy hour strategies that go beyond the usual.

There’s a science to using beverages in a restaurant,” says Jon Taffer. “But the restaurant industry doesn’t use science. Restaurant owners use gut.”

The deal extends to such entrees as a half-rack of ribs, a cheeseburger and a sizzling chicken plate.

New York is the favored hunting grounds of foodies, but Minnesota and Oregon pose some competition.

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