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The 'Taco Tuesday' trademark battle is officially over

The bar that owned the registration in New Jersey gave up its hold on the phrase, officially ending Taco Bell’s campaign to “free” the trademark.


Taco John's crafts its own victory in the Taco Tuesday battle

The Bottom Line: The chain opted not to keep its trademark in a fight with the much larger Taco Bell, given the likelihood that it would ultimately lose. So it did the next best thing.

The company decided that it wasn’t worth fighting Taco Bell to maintain its trademark and said it would instead donate to Children of Restaurant Employees.

The company said that Taco Bell’s effort to cancel its registration is designed “to sell more tacos” and cause Taco John’s “to sell less tacos.”

He will end his six-year run at the top of the Cheyenne, Wyo.-based Mexican chain at the end of the year. The company plans a search for Creel’s successor.

A Deeper Dive: Barry Westrum, chief marketing officer for the Mexican fast-food chain, joins the podcast to discuss the trademark battle with Taco Bell.

The fast-food Mexican chain has petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to end Taco John’s registration for the Taco Tuesday trademark, which it has owned for years.

The Mexican fast-food chain has been making changes to everything from its branding to the location of its corporate staff. The moves are starting to pay dividends with faster growth.

The 30-year industry veteran will oversee day-to-day operations at the Mexican chain.

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