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TGI Fridays


A virtual networking warm-up

RLC attendees share their thoughts on what will undoubtedly be a major quest for those who come to Scottsdale Sunday: How to differentiate their brands in the eyes of consumers.

With most chains trying to score valuable real estate on their customers’ phones, the Restaurant Business team took a look at 25 restaurant apps to see what’s working—and what’s not.

"The Disruptors" is our examination of 10 factors that are rocking restaurants to their core and revolutionizing how operators do business for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.

High emotions are triggering confrontations between Donald Trump's fans and detractors. Unfortunately for the industry, sometimes the combatants' battlefield of choice is the restaurant dining room.

The granddaddy of casual dining is reportedly trying in-store “mistletoe drones,” which capture customers kissing. A smooch wins a freebie.

Elie Khoury knows what his company brings to the negotiating table. CEO Khoury himself is a former chain executive with a history of growing brands.

As traffic has slipped, inventiveness has soared among the city’s fine-dining options. Now you can valet-park your snowshoes, trade your Uber receipt for an appetizer, or get a $1 oyster.

Here’s a look at which rewards programs rise to the top, and why.

Private-equity firms today are finding growth potential in many places—from rising concepts to off-course legacy brands.

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