TGI Fridays

Activist wants Scott Bergren, Lee Sanders on BWW's board

Mick McGuire, an investor known to play an active role, also wants a seat for himself.

Post-election strife spills into restaurants

High emotions are triggering confrontations between Donald Trump's fans and detractors. Unfortunately for the industry, sometimes the combatants' battlefield of choice is the restaurant dining room.

What takes a notion from “that’s cool” to a smart, business-forward point of differentiation? We present 50 of the greatest on-trend ideas we’ve collected.

Operators are looking to cash in on the chatter surrounding this year’s presidential race.

With most chains trying to score valuable real estate on their customers’ phones, the Restaurant Business team took a look at 25 restaurant apps to see what’s working—and what’s not.

More than half of the restaurant industry’s $491 billion in sales come from the Top 500 chains. And these giants grew at a modestly stronger rate, both in terms of sales and store counts, than the industry overall. Restaurant Business focused on the leading 250 performers to identify trends for our first-ever special report delivering lessons from Technomic’s annual Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report. This special package includes lessons for all operators from the largest chains by segment, menu category and more.

A new TGI Fridays in Corpus Christi, Texas, is ditching the dark wood, red stripes and kitsch—as well as the TGI—to capture a different crowd and daypart.

The transition will come next week.

His appointment marks one of the rare instances where a veteran of supply-chain operations gets the corner office.

Feeling the pressure from fast casuals, TGI Fridays said it’s on a mission to land more lunch business.

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