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TGI Fridays

Consumer Trends

Plant-based menu items impact restaurant choice

Meat alternatives are playing a bigger role in brand loyalty as a result of the pandemic.


TGI Fridays launches plant-based chili with a Potato in Chief as spokesperson

Presidential candidate Loaded Potato Skin ties the chain’s new menu item into the election.

The SBA released detailed information revealing which companies received federal stimulus dollars. Here's a look at some of the restaurants that received them.

Restaurants are featuring branded products in breakfast sandwiches, burgers and more.

The casual-dining chain's adjustments run from field tents to headquarters. Or is that the call center?

TGI Fridays

Allegro Merger Corp., citing “extraordinary” conditions, opted not to merge with the bar and grill chain.

The company believes buying up franchisee restaurants will improve performance, but there are steep risks, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The three dozen chains participating in the ICR Conference provided plenty of aha moments. Here’s a sampling of the surprising tidbits that were aired.

Or at least that was a major theme at the ICR Conference, where three dozen chains aired their strategies and financial results.

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