Tim Hortons

Study finds restaurant customers upset about Burger King move, current wages

A new attitudinal study finds restaurant guests have opinions that the industry may not like, and the concerns have nothing to do with food, service or design.


Tim Hortons adds Buffalo latte

The drink will be available for a limited time at two of its locations.

Despite considerable controversy, the merger has been completed. The new company will be run by BK’s Daniel Schwarz.

The company is suing operators in Minnesota and Missouri over unpaid franchise fees.

The chain hasn’t revealed how many pink slips were distributed, but the speculation is that the number could climb into the hundreds. The operation recently merged with Burger King to form a new Canada-based company.

But the company's Tim Hortons and Popeyes chains both struggled to win over consumers last quarter.

Despite same store sales increases at Tim Hortons and Burger King of 4 percent and 3 percent, respectively, parent Restaurant Brands International posted a loss for Q4 on merger-related costs.

Restaurant Brands International CEO Daniel Schwartz vowed to improve communications amid sales challenges in Canada.

Twelve sandwiches being sold as part of the experiment promise upscale touches.

As much as 10 percent of salaries can be diverted to stock purchases.

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