Forget lemon and raspberry—there’s a whole world of exotic sorbets out there this summer. Concepts ranging from local scoop shops to fancy restaurants are experimenting with non-traditional flavors and presentations.

Jake’s Ice Cream
Atlanta, GA
Margarita Sorbet made with denatured tequila; about $3 per cup

Chicago, IL
Homemade Sorbet “Eggs” of three flavors over a nest of a spun sugar and a fruit salad of mangos, kiwis, pineapples and bananas; $8

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
New York, NY
Lychee Sorbet; $3.75 per cup

StarNut Gourmet
McLean, VA
Cookies-and-Cream Sorbet; $3.50-$5 per cup

Chicago, IL
Gianduja Crèmeux: Concord grape sorbet with basil and manchego cheese; $15

Mashti Malone’s
Los Angeles, CA
Rose Sorbet with sour cherry; $8.95 per pint

San Francisco, CA
Muscat Grape Sorbet with crème fraiche sherbet, viogner poached rhubarb, lemon tuille; $11

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
New York, NY
Champagne Sorbet; $3.25 per cup


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