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Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training


Restaurants added 17,600 jobs last month

But the industry’s rate of hiring has slowed in recent months.


Restaurant uniforms matter. Here’s why.

Here’s why you shouldn’t ditch the matching apparel anytime soon.

Though wages for several restaurant positions went up this month, the industry still accounts for five of the nation’s 10 lowest-paying jobs, according to Glassdoor.

Some of the biggest developments of recent days seemed too far-fetched to be real. Trust me, they were.

Speakers at the National Restaurant Association's annual convention underscored how severe the labor situation has become—and how vital it is to foster retention by showing appreciation of the current staff.

The extension of ServSafe will highlight best employment and workplace practices, starting with free webinars this summer.

The law mandates leave time for victims of certain crimes as well as their family members and close associates.

The Main Event food-and-games concept is holding an open house for Toys R Us staffers who have or are about to lose their jobs.

Immigration officials have uncovered twice as many alleged instances of improper documentation since September as they did for the prior 12 months.

The staff of the Burgerville unit opted to be represented by the Industrial Workers of the World.

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