Each of the more than 45 units in the Firkin group is a traditional English pub, but each one is also unique, with its own Firkin-themed name (e.g. The Firkin and the Fox, Frog and Firkin) and distinct touches that make it fit into its neighborhood. The chain was founded in Ontario, Canada, and has spread widely across the U.S. as well, with locations from Florida to British Columbia. Firkin has 17 units open in the U.S., with 180 more pubs in development throughout North America. 

2008 Systemwide Sales$28,000,000*
% Change in Sales30.2%
2008 U.S. Units17
% Change in Units112.5%
2008 Average Unit Volume$2,665,000*
% Change in AUV0.0%
Future 50 Year2009