Millennials may have contributed to the meteoric rise of avocado toast, but now it’s a fixture on many mainstream menus. Fast casual Modern Market gives the sandwich a flavor and texture twist with a topping of everything bagel seasoning, a blend of sesame and poppy seeds, garlic, onion and salt. The blend, traditionally used to top everything bagels, is expanding as a seasoning for dips, eggs, salads and more. Technomic Ignite menu data shows that everything bagel spice now appears on more than 100 menus in its database, up from 0 in 2018. Modern Market’s Everything Avo Toast features sourdough toast, seasoned avocado, salmon, red onion, fresh dill and a sprinkling of everything spice for a healthy open-face sandwich that’s available on the all-day menu. Based on that description, nearly 70% of potential purchasers found this item craveable or extremely craveable, according to Technomic’s Ignite menu concept development survey.