What consumers can expect to drink in 2021

The top beverage trends that will evolve and emerge in the year ahead.


States take aim at ‘Friendsgiving’ drink sales

Pennsylvania has banned alcohol service Wednesday night, while others rely on curfews, public pleas and stepped-up enforcement of safety rules.

Members of the “club” pay $30 for $75 in takeout and on-site benefits.

The breakfast, brunch and lunch concept plans to have the new listing in half its stores by year’s end.

Cold and iced coffee are often thought of as warm-weather drinks, but in reality, many consumers still enjoy chilled drinks even as the temperatures drop. Test your knowledge about cold coffee to make sure you’re maximizing coffee sales as cooler weather approaches.

The trend toward readymade drinks fits with today’s safety and labor concerns.

The restructuring will include staff buyouts and layoffs, the company said.

What was a trickle a couple of years back has turned into a deluge, with milk made from oats, nuts and more flooding the market.

Meanwhile, Washington state is forgoing a lift in restaurant and bar capacities, and New Jersey is delaying the reopening of dining rooms. New York City may do the same. All are reacting to a surge in coronavirus infections.

Foods and beverages emerging in Asia are worth watching.

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