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McDonald’s plans to reduce antibiotics in its beef

The company will measure use of human antibiotics in beef over the next two years before establishing reduction targets.


McDonald’s stock surges on strong earnings

The company’s revenue and profit growth impressed investors, and its stock rose 6%.

Keep up with changing tastes by menuing these burger condiments, toppings, carriers and more.

A report gave failing grades to all but three major burger concepts, including McDonald’s and Burger King.

The company says its green-bun Nightmare King is “clinically proven to induce nightmares.”

The creepy, robotic ads mock the growing use of artificial intelligence in various industries.

The company removed artificial flavors, preservatives and colors from its classic burger lineup.

The company is also reshuffling its business organization to oversee a more franchised business.

Chains like McDonald’s and Shake Shack find themselves torn between pricing and traffic, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The company is testing a McGriddles French Toast breakfast sandwich as it seeks to win back breakfast customers.

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