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Chefs from independent restaurants band together to boost business

Instead of competing for customers, these chefs are collaborating to generate revenue during the pandemic.


Fine dining landmark Canlis continues to reinvent itself as it fights to survive

The 50-year-old Seattle restaurant is becoming Canlis Community College for the fall.

Chicago’s Antique Taco is turning one location into an old-school drive-in and another into a sit-down spot.

With winter approaching, operators say the $120 billion targeted relief bill is essential to prevent further closures.

The pandemic is forcing the closure of a large number of independent restaurants, with many in the industry saying to expect more permanent shutters in coming months.

Operators in cold-weather cities say demand is high for portable heaters, as they seek to continue outdoor dining for as long as weather and technology will permit.

The pandemic forced Le Bistro Montage to close, but one of its chefs launched Montage ala Cart to carry on the culinary legacy.

Restaurants with the highest closure rates include those specializing in breakfast and brunch, burgers and sandwiches, desserts and Mexican food, the report from the review platform found.

After pivoting to outdoor dining amid the pandemic, dangerous air is forcing many restaurants in the western U.S. to abandon their patios.

With cold weather on the way and no clear aid package headed their way, more independent restaurant owners decide to close permanently.

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