Anchovies & Sardines

Some of the smallest creatures in the sea are also among the tastiest.

Snapshots: Executive Chef Oona Settembre of Dave & Busters

To the casual observer, it looks like Oona Settembre's rise to corporate executive chef at Dave & Buster's was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

How many cooks and cashiers in a franchisee's system have gotten Christmas presents from the big corporate boss?

Graduated from New York City's prestigious French Culinary Institute.

One of the easiest and most successful marketing promotions is to invite guests to celebrate their birthday with you.

We've talked before about the importance of timing. One aspect of delivering great food and service is getting a perfectly prepared meal to the table in a timely manner. Have our timing down is our job. But what about our guests' timing?

Cooked as is, a fresh ham makes quite a tasty pork roast.

Mellow yellow or spicy brown, this reliable condiment dresses up a hot dog or adds spark to a sauce.

In a recent crime spree in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California, an armed robber held up two restaurants at gun point.

First time guests are a precious commodity.

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